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throw a few boarderline anti-feminist words around and everyone starts queefing themselves


just one critic’s opinion.

 I’m not criticizing Black Widow. I thought she was awesome. I’m criticizing some of her fans who viewed her as “a great feminist role-model” - which my tumblr dashboard definitely saw plenty of. Don’t dissect one sentence I said in a 4 paragraph post. The point wasn’t to criticize her. it was to criticize some people who took the idea of a female superhero too far. If you didnt see posts like this on your dashboard too, I’m sorry you can’t relate.

…where’s Sasha Grey when you need her!?!

look what you guys did you made him make a post explaining his other one

you hate to see this kind of thing happen


Lots of ladies today!

Names: Lucy, soufex, Naja & Jacqui

Bought: Deadpool Max (which is already waiting at the counter, just holding another Deadpool here): Winter Soldier #2, Avengers #22, Invincible Iron Man #513: Black Widow: Name of the Rose: Daredevil #9

When: Wednesday 15th February (it’s the future in Australia)

Where: All Star Comics, Melbourne

Back at All Star again, with a whole pack of us in one shot! Lucy and Jacqui were super awesome while we dorked up in their faces about Marvel. Apparently lots of All Star fans dig this blog (and so do the All Star staff - thanks for taking the picture, Troy!) and we all dig All Star, it’s a regular love-in. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Editor’s note: And I love all of you at All Star. Thank you for submitting to this blog so often! I really appreciate it! *wipes a bit of a tear away from her eye*

Why is there a blog called Ladiesbuyingcomics though