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There’s something slightly sad about this image.

Like we’re officially saying goodbye to any part of the Scott Summers we used to know. Troubled boyscout that he was, he was at least dependable.

Now here we are. Whoever though we’d see the day?


Who knew /this/ guy would become the new dependable one.


to be honest it is also kind of nice. Like Scott, as much as he has grown as a character, has always been kind of the same. They are taking the character in a new place and it is good.

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I Am SO fucking tired


of all this fan bullshit trying to make Charles and magneto gay for each other, and all the gay porn art that is circulating, magneto was married had kids, and Charles was in love several different time with several different woman, it pisses me off because in no way shape or form do they have any gay love going on, they are best friends, brothers if you will, who are there for each other regardless of their different opinions. NOT GAY

for fucks sake


Rule-63 Magneto, by Julie Doll.

Over the past several years, I’ve always looked to my friend Julie for fashion inspiration, as she’s always had a sharp eye for putting together creative ensembles across a variety of styles; however, she’s really upped the ante with her recent stylish takes on various comic characters. After a reported “9 hours of shopping for supplies and 8 hours and 40 minutes of sewing and crafting,” she completely floored me with her latest Magneto ensemble. I especially love how she coordinated the look with a simple purple bodycon skirt, and I can’t get over those impeccable cage boots. Knowing Julie’s attention to detail, I think that I can safely assume that she topped off her look by installing tiny magnets in her purple gloves.

I can’t wait to see what other costumes and comic-inspired ensembles that Julie has in store for 2012!